Tactics Core

How To Play: Use WASD for the movement. Click the left mouse to fire, use key 1 for using the special skill.

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About Tactics Core

Tactics Core

Tactics Core is a tough strategy game revolving around a high-tech multiplayer fight where you have to destroy all other players online for your survival. There are many kinds of ships featured in the game, including a roller, a silencer, a javelin, and a manta. Every single of them is equipped with discrepant statistics and weaponry. You belong to either the red team or the blue team and your job is to work with other teammates to keep the base safe from the enemy attacks while attempting to destroy the rival base. Teamwork is a crucial element because it can help you outplay as well as defeat the rivals easily. So, always team up with your allies for a better chance of winning. For each unit you destroy, you will earn XP and level up. Then, you spend your XP on brand new units with awesome upgrades. Try to play tactically and lead your team to the victory!

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