How To Play: Use keys WASD for the movement. Press the left mouse to fire, and use the mouse for aiming.

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Be ready for a Battle Royale in a 2D Shooter game called game! You will meet a lot of opponents and battle against them to become the last survivor. But first, as an unarmed fighter, you must roam the zones to collect guns, ammo, items and more equipment. These things help you deal with the enemies as well as kill them. Make sure you put some necessary collected things inside a small backpack, but you should learn that the size of the backpack is very limited, so you can’t put all the gather things. When you are low on health, you should regain it quickly by utilizing a bandage or a booster. Always stay watchful for the surroundings because the dangers are everywhere. The red zone will gradually get the players closer together. You must survive in the zone to win the battle and claim your award! Enjoy the game now! Have fun!

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