Squadd Royale

How To Play: Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Click the left mouse to assault or fire, use the right mouse for opening the emoticons list, use key E to change the weapon or enter the vehicle, key F to use the health kit, key M to open the map and key R to reload.

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About Squadd Royale

Squadd Royale

Squadd Royale is taken in a large battlefield opening a ruthless battle between the online opponents. Just like other Battle Royale games, you have to take a leap out of an airplane and land on the ground where you will begin the fight. You start roaming through the lands in an attempt to pick up a lot of weapons as well as handy supplies for your survival. You’d better aim and shoot down any enemies standing in your way before they attack you. In addition, be sure that you stay watchful for the constantly shrinking safe zone and if you stay on the danger zone for too long, your health will be reduced through over time, leading to the game failure easily. Don’t forget to use the health kit to regain an amount of health and be sure to play with good tactics to defeat all enemies. Can you survive until the end? Good luck!

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