How To Play: Use the mouse for the movement and click the left mouse to speed up.

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Play another awesome Slither-inspired snake-themed game called! You will earn yourself a brand new gaming experience with a huge amount of fun in the game. Just like other games, you control a little snake around the map in an attempt to eat as many foods as possible to increase your size. Once you have become a bigger snake, feel free to take advantage of your long body to encircle other enemy snakes, block their movement, bypass them using a speed boost and cause them to crash into you, killing them instantly. Every time you speed up your snake, the size will be reduced a bit, so you need to accelerate it carefully. In addition, be sure to always defend your head from crashing into the body of a certain enemy, otherwise, you will end up getting destroyed. The main objective of this Snake IO game is to become the strongest and largest snake!

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