How To Play: Use keys WASD for the movement. Press key Shift for using a shield, spacebar to dash, mouse to shoot, and B to open the shop.

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Crowd City
Grab Them by The Eyes Hacked


Enter a brutal robot combat in a team-based game called! The battle is on, and now all the teams want to kill each other. You must quickly find a team for yourself, join it and start fighting along with your teammates. The main object here is to gain the control of many areas on the map. To obtain it, you must go kill all enemy robots, dish out much destruction to the rival teams and make sure you protect your team from their attacks. There are plenty of weapons dispersed around the map. If you gather them, your primary cannon will get extra firepower, allowing you to deal more damage to the enemies. You should use the XP to control the map, kill more enemy robots to improve your stats, use your strategies with excellent skills, survive and bring the glory to your team. Are you ready? Join it now!

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