How To Play: To move your tank, just use arrow keys or WASD. To shoot at enemies, you have to click your left mouse button.

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Try your hardest to become the best and strongest tank of all in a nice Classic Strategy online game called! When you first spawn, you will start roaming the map instantly with your tank, then use the cannon to shoot bullets to kill the rivals that are in your sight. You have to collect the food orbs to gain more XP and refill your fuel bar when you run out of bullets. Also, the big/small triangles are your enemies which need to be taken out too. The more kills you have, the more XP you will gain. Then, you can level up your tank to unlock many more upgraded tanks with extra cannons as well as nicer appearances. Also, improving the stats will get you stronger than ever. So don’t forget to do so after earning a lot of points. Use them wisely to power up your tank, which helps you kill the enemies more easily. Will you climb your way to the top of the leaderboard? Check it out!

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