How To Play: Use the mouse to interact and play the game.

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Crowd City
Grab Them by The Eyes Hacked


In a tough Tower Defense Strategy game like, you need to build a small castle and try to turn it into the bigger one. To carry out this expansion, you need more gold! Some first thing you can do to get more gold is to build a tree, village house, city shop, tower or even factories. They will bring you a higher income as you progress. Make sure that you place some defensive towers around your profitable buildings as they can get attacked by the outside attacks done by your opponents. Aside from building, you can engage in combat. Try your hardest to attack their castles, begin aerial bombardment of their cells, conquer them all then go grab their territories as well as their wealth. Every action needs to be done in a careful way if you want to win. Be sure to play with good tactics for a chance of winning! Good luck to you!

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