Humans & Robbers

How To Play: Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Use the left mouse to fire, press key G to drop items. Use key E to collect items, key B to buy items and key N to level up. 

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About Humans & Robbers

Humans & Robbers

Humans & Robbers is a free-for-all awesome game where you become a gormless human who is enjoying his common day by just moving from room to room and watching TV. But then, a group of robbers breaks down the doors, smashes down the windows and breaks into your house just to rob your possessions and kill you. Now, you must survive this attack! Start to find weapons, then use them to defeat all those baddies. Defend yourself from their attacks, use your strategies to outplay them all and do whatever it takes to survive the night. Good luck!

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