How To Play: Use keys WASD or arrow keys for moving your character. Press keys 1-4 to choose a slot, use key Enter for chatting.

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Crowd City
Grab Them by The Eyes Hacked


Perform your shooting skill in another epic 2D Shooter game called to confront with new players! The entire world sets in a unique blocky 2D world, which makes you think that you are lost in a Minecraft world. Start to make your way through a vast map to hunt for enemies as well as dig for resources. You need to kill all of them to enhance your level, collect various resources like stone, wood, dirt, and then make a good use of them to craft lots of objects or construct numerous buildings which give you a good defense. You are allowed to create anything you want, just like what you did in Minecraft games. But the most important thing is that you must bring a protection to your world and even to yourself. Other players can kill you anytime, if this happens, your game will come to an end. Let’s join it now for a bunch of challenges!

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