How To Play: Direct the gnome using WASD or arrow keys. Press the spacebar to place a bomb, hold and release to throw it.

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Gem Brawl – an exclusive multiplayer IO game in which you play as an adorable gnome roaming around the big map in an attempt to plant bombs to blow up all other enemy gnomes. There are many red gems dispersed on the floor, as you move around, you should collect some of them to enhance and upgrade yourself as well as kit them out with awesome accessories. Besides killing the enemies, you should make sure you defend yourself from hitting your own bombs or the enemy bombs, or else you will end up getting destroyed, causing the game to be over. Always keep your gnome safe from the threats, finish off as many rivals as possible, survive longer and work your way up to the highest rank on the leaderboard to become the best gnome of all! Jump into the game now! Hope you have a blast with it! Good luck to you!

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