How To Play: Use keys WASD or arrow keys for the movements. Press key R for reloading, click left mouse to fire, use spacebar for using modern power-ups.

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Crowd City


An awesome 2D shooter game like surely keeps you entertained for hours, plus, your shooting skill will be tested too! Join it now to fight against many contenders and use a lot of weapons to shoot them down for a chance of dominating the arena. The game features many weapons, such as a handgun, machine gun, and a rifle. Pick your favorite one then use it to blast your rivals. Roam the map carefully hunting for them, elude their deadly shots using the impediments and make sure you won’t soak damage from the incoming fire. When you pick up more kills, your stats will be much increased, and you can pick upgrades to strengthen yourself even more. Remember to pay attention to your surroundings all the time, survive as long as possible until you become the ultimate shooter in the entire arena. Are you ready for this IO game? Jump into it now!

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