How To Play: Use the left mouse to speed up your drill, and drop a bomb using the right mouse.

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About Drillem.io


Drillem.io places you in a brutal drill fight where you must finish off all enemies for your victory. Since it’s a tough battle, you should prepare some skills and strategies in readiness. Once entering the arena, you will direct a drill and try to dig through the ground for making a chain of tunnels. You see that there are lots of materials dispersed on the ground, feel free to gather them as much as possible to enhance your experience as well as buy brand new upgrades to power up your drill. When you come across enemies, don’t be scared of them! Just stay calm then drop some bombs in your tunnels. These bombs will blow the rivals up, helping you wipe them out from the arena. But you need to be careful with their bombs or even your own ones. Don’t get stuck, or else you will be destroyed. You should also look out for the enemy drills too. The main objective here is to dominate the leaderboard!

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