Crowd City

How To Play: Use the mouse to control your crowd around in the city.

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Crowd City
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About Crowd City

Crowd City

Crowd City is super-duper fun and entertaining multiplayer game taken in a big city and pretty much the same as in terms of gameplay. You will make your way through the big city trying to invite a lot of peoples to join your group. Other opponent players are doing the same task as you! They also want to create the largest group of people possible. You need to attract more other people on the street, or even steal them from other enemy groups to expand yours. Also, don’t forget to get past all impediments scattered around in the city. You only have one objective here, which is to capture as many people as possible to become the largest and strongest crowd in the city. Show off all the skills you have, play with good tactics, defend your group as well as stay alive until you become the ultimate winner! Good luck!

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