How To Play: Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Click left mouse for charging a bomb, and release to throw. Click right mouse to deflect bomb. Use number keys 1-4 for buying an upgrade and press spacebar for sprinting.

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Crowd City

About puts you in a vast arena where you must plant bombs to kill all enemies. Basically, you become a bomberman and your job here is to destroy all others so as to establish your ultimate dominance. The game sounds like another clone of classic Bomberman games, but surely it’s much funnier to play. You will bump into a lot of enemies and if you don’t kill them quickly, you will end up getting killed. There is no mercy allowed here, so try to slay everything in sight and be aggressive as much as possible. An important thing you must know is that make sure not to hold the bombs too long since they will blow up in your hands. Plus, you must stay away from the bombs planted by others, or else you will get exploded, causing the game to be over. Are you ready? Give it a shot now!

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