How To Play: Control your character using arrow keys or WASD. Plant your bombs with spacebar.

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Feel free to experience numerous challenges in! This is a nice Strategy IO game online that lets you play as one of three classes, including a footballer, a radio amateur, and an athlete. Each of them has their own unique abilities which can be used to defeat the opponents. As a footballer, you don’t have many bombs, but you can totally move at a faster speed, and you’re the toughest guy to take out. If you choose to play as a radio amateur, you are allowed to place a bunch of bombs then ambush your opponents. Also, you will possess the most devastating weapon! Being an athlete will give you a skill of taking a leap over the walls. In addition, his bombs are much more powerful to get to the rivals even if they are far away. You shouldn’t forget to collect points and power-ups which give you more advantages! Good luck!

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