How To Play: Move around the map using WASD or arrow keys. Shoot with the left mouse, use key F to interact with objects, keys 1-5 to change the items and key E to open the crafting menu.

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Crowd City
Grab Them by The Eyes Hacked


In a pixelated battle royale game like, you must show off your fighting and strategic skills to defeat all other players in the lobby. At first, you spawn in the map unarmed, so you need to roam through the map skillfully to collect as many weapons as possible then quickly use them to deal damage to other rivals while defending yourself from their attacks. You are able to search for many kinds of different weapons, or you can feel free to craft some advanced stuff from the items that have been found on the ground. Make sure to arm yourself with good supplies and utilize them to finish off everything standing in your way. Watch out for your surroundings as you roam through the arena, or else you may end up getting ambushed by someone else, causing the game to be over. The goal here is to become the last fighter standing! Enjoy it!

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