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About Battlz.Club:

Battlz.Club is a nice free-for-all game online revolving around a brutal fight between lots of opponents. You will become an aggressive fighter trying to defeat your rivals for a chance of becoming the ultimate champion in the club. You are armed with a sword, but you won’t use it much, instead, you need to push the rivals in front of the pathway of the fireball. Cause them to get hit by that fireball and they will die instantly. You can swing your sword or speed up yourself to thrust the rivals. Be sure you prepare some strategies, then use them to outplay others. Protect yourself from not being hit by the fireball, or else your game will come to an end. You have to stay on the right track no matter how hard the battle is getting. The main objective here is to create your dominance in this battle club. Have fun!


Use the left mouse button to assault the enemies. Click right mouse to perform the dash attack.

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