Angry Worms

How To Play: Use the mouse to direct the worm, click the left mouse or the right mouse to speed up.

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About Angry Worms

Angry Worms

Angry Worms is yet another addictive Snake IO game! If you are truly into this kind of game genre, then don’t miss out a chance to try this one. Similar to other famous Slither-inspired games, you will direct an angry worm and you aim to increase as big as possible by eating a lot of glowing objects scattered on the floor. These objects surely grow your size, and if you get to a bigger size, you will find it much easier to defeat other enemy worms. You can use your long body to encircle them, block their head with the body and cause them to run into you in a brutal way. Just ensure that you won’t crash into their body, or else you will end up getting killed. You can even speed boost to bypass the enemies as well! However, the more you accelerate, the smaller your snake is, so use this feature


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