How To Play: Use the mouse for moving your rocket. Click left mouse button to speed up. Use key 1 for the rock stance, key 2 for the paper stance, and key 3 for the scissors stance.

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In 123shoot.io, you have to follow the popular Rock Paper Scissors rules if you want to defeat your opponents. This Space Agario Style game lets you direct a rocket around the arena to hunt for the rivals, and once you meet them, you should quickly kill them before they wipe you out. The best strategy for you here is to change your current stance instantly when you get close to your rival. More specifically, the rock stance can beat the scissors stance that will defeat the paper stance destroyed by the rock. Keep these rules in your mind during the combat so you can outsmart your opponents easily. Don’t forget to collect the energy around the map in order to increase your speed. The game goal here is to reach the top spot on the leaderboard. Let’s get your skills ready for this now! Hope you have a blast with it!

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