How To Play: Direct your tank by using keys WASD. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Reload your weapon with key E, exit the game with key Esc.

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Maybe you have been playing a lot of Multiplayer tank games online, and Xgun.io will be the next iO game that you should check out. This awesome game takes you to a unique 3D world full of great graphics. You will become a tank controller trying to roam around the map to go shoot at other opponent tanks before they kill you. Show no mercy to the foes! Just only being benevolent to the foes for a bit is enough to make you end up being killed. So, you have to become cruel and evil all the time in this battle. You guys are fighting for the highest rank on the leaderboard, hence, you need to do whatever it takes to obtain that goal. Keep your tank improved more frequently to increase your power and try to survive longer! Remember that you can’t die fast! Only the enemies do! Wish you luck!

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