How To Play: Use the mouse for controlling your worm. Click left mouse button to speed up. Press key W to stop, and key E when you get encircled.

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About Wormax.io


Prepare your skills and strategies to make your way through a screen full of worms in a Multiplayer game called Wormax.io! The game consists of new features, beautiful graphics, amazing challenges and much more. You will get a brand new experience once joining. Wormax.io follows the identical concept of Slither.io which is also a famous snake game online. You will direct your little worm and try to hunt for a bunch of tasty foods dispersing around the map. Keep eating them all the time to grow your size and become longer. But, you can totally make your worm larger in a bit by eating the dead remains of the killed snakes. Lure them to crash into your body, cut them off, or when you have a large amount of mass, you can encircle them with your tail. Those tactics will help you get rid of the opponent snakes properly, and you can totally boost your rank up to the top on the leaderboard. Do not crash into the body of other snakes! Survive longer and the arena will be ruled by you!

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