How To Play: Use the mouse to take control of your plane Tap spacebar or click left mouse button for shooting at enemies.

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Do you want to become an excellent shooter? Join game which is an entertaining multiplayer game online right now! The game totally centers on shooting enemies and how to survive long in the brutal savage full of opponent airplanes controlled by real players. Your main objective is to direct your plane and use your skills to take down opponents by launching a bunch of weapons. To obtain the powerful weapons, you must move around the sky and gather them as much as possible. There are still other power-ups that you shouldn’t let go, grab them more to develop your strength. In addition, you need to swallow the yellow dots that scatter around the sky; they will help you accelerate and fly faster, especially when you are being chased by the opponents. The more you play, the better your skill will become! You ready? Let’s start your game right now! Good luck!

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