How To Play: Move your spaceship around the galaxy by using keys WASD. Click LMB for shooting laser bullets and you can release bombs by using right mouse button.

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If you love to play Space 2D Shooter games online with millions of players from around the world, then don’t forget to engage in Tenz.io which will surely suit your desire. The game will let you play as a smart and cunning alien sitting inside of a beautiful glass spaceship. You have to wander around the galaxy to take out all of your opponents before they shoot you down. To kill them, you must aim carefully and shoot deadly bomb or powerful laser bullets at them. Remember that you have to prepare your tactics in advance as well so you can deal with the attacks from lots of directions. The more opponents you destroy, the more upgrades you will earn. Make a good use of those earned upgrades to grow the strength of your ship. Only becoming an unbeatable alien with a robust spaceship will lead you to the victory, meaning that you are able to take over the first spot on the leaderboard. Try it now!

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