How To Play: Control your tank by using keys WASD. Use the mouse for aiming the cannon.

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About Tenk.io


Present your best skills in a challenging Multiplayer Tank game called Tenk.io! You will engage in a fierce arena full of various tanks controlled by real online opponents from around the world. You play as a tank commander whose mission is to fire all tough enemies by utilizing your powerful cannon. Your tank is equipped with auto shots, so all you have to do is to aim your cannon accurately. Fast shooting your enemies from afar will also be a good way that helps you survive longer. However, you should be careful with lots of incoming projectiles from various directions. Make sure you avoid all of them cleverly, defend your tank all the time and attempt to work your way up the leaderboard. Be an aggressive player and try to show no mercy to your opponents. Once you take over the first rank, you will be able to lead the match. Have fun!

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