How To Play: Use keys WASD to direct your tank, and use the mouse to fire cannon.

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If you love to play Multiplayer tanks game, then don’t forget to check out a new one called Tanx! This iO-styled game is just simply addictive that brings you a lot of interesting challenges as well as awesome confrontations with other players. You will engage in one of four teams and you must work with your teammates to defeat the opponent tanks before they slay you. Your tank is equipped with a powerful cannon, so you have to use it wisely to your advantage. Aim and shoot down all rivals from afar, dodge the incoming bullets launched by them, and when your health or ammo is decreased, go around the map finding more repair kits as well as ammo packs. Make sure you have some excellent teamwork so you will have a higher chance to lead the match and become the ultimate winner. Are you ready for this battle? Give it a shot now!

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