How To Play: Keys WASD are used for moving your tank. Aim and shoot at enemies with your mouse.

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About Tankwars.io


Tankwars.io is another Multiplayer tank game online where you play as a tank controller and go battle against other skilled enemies in a slashing war. The map is very huge and it’s full of dangers that await you ahead. You need to move your tank through all obstacles while trying to aim and shoot down the enemy tanks before they kill you. This is not an easy task at all, and it also requires your concentration as well as your strategies. So, make sure you get your skills ready to deal with all the attacks of the foes. The power-ups that are around the map will help you a lot in killing the rivals. You should collect and use them to your advantage. The one who gets 10000 points first will become the ultimate winner of the round. Also, you are recommended to harvest the supplies dropped by good planes while dodging the deadly air strafes. See how long you can survive this! Good luck!

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