How To Play: Use the mouse or keys WASD for controlling your tank

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About Tankar.io


Let’s try another multiplayer tank game called Tankar.io! The game will give you a chance to become a mighty tank whose mission is to take out all enemies surrounding. If you are a loyal fan of tank games, then you should add Tankario to your game list and enjoy it. There are so many activities for you to do in the game! Take control of your tank and then move it around to destroy other opponents. While moving, you need to eat a bunch of tiny stuff around to increase your mass, run over the weak, blast large opponents and wipe them out of the screen. The game also requires you to perform strategic skills so that you can defeat all dangers easily. Don’t underestimate the enemies around you; they are very skilled and tough to tackle with. For that reason, you must be smart to deal with them as you try to defend your tank. Wish you luck!

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