How To Play: Use arrow keys or WASD to move Use Enter key for chatting to all, key T for chatting to all Press key ESC to bring up options

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If you want to experience something that is way too tough, you need to join TagPro, which is a difficult and competitive multiplayer game that has capturing the flag style. The game features some of severs for your selection; you need to choose your favorite one then join the game. When taking part in the game, you will have to work with your team and use your strategic skill to conquer all challenges. You are required to perform a lot of skills and always stay focused on the game. Working as a team in the game is extremely significant, and it’s a key element to help you reach the final success. Maybe you will find hard a bit at the early stage, but when you stick with it, you will be more adaptable and resolve all issues very well. The more you play, the more fun you will get! Play now and try to capture the flag!

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