How To Play: Use keys WASD to control your spacebar, aim and shoot with the mouse, and use the power up with spacebar.

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Crowd City


Fly around the galaxy to fight against other enemies and conquer all tough challenges in! In this Multiplayer game, you will have to direct your spaceship cleverly and go shoot all players that you bump into. You are equipped with a normal weapon, so you need to use it wisely to take out the enemies. If you want to get new stronger weapons, then feel free to grab some silver crates that are around the map. Those crates contain a lot of weapons as well as power-ups that assist you in destroying the foes more easily. Keep an eye on the surroundings as you fly around! Always dodge the bullets of the enemies, because if you get hit, your game will come to an end. You must survive longer and rank up on the leaderboard. When you climb the ranks, you will get a chance to unlock a lot of spaceships! Have fun!

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