How To Play: Use the arrow keys or the right mouse button to pilot your spaceship around. Press spacebar or click left mouse button to shoot at enemies.

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About is a free for all Space combat shooter game online that sets in a wonderful galaxy filled with spaceships and enemies. Have all your skills ready for this awesome battle against lots of opponents coming from around the globe. In the game, you will navigate a standard spaceship around the galaxy in order to gather lots of precious gems for your stat buffs. At first, you don’t have strong abilities yet, so it’s better for you if you dodge other opponents while hunting for your gems. Just stay focused on collecting gem rocks until you are powerful enough to protect yourself or fight against the enemies. You can launch your attacks to them to take them out from afar. The game gives you several stats which can be upgraded as you making an advance. So try to develop the stats of your spaceship, and when all of them are maxed out, you will have an option to evolve your current ship into a new one which is much stronger and has better weapons. Try the game now and see how long you can last!

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