How To Play: You can shoot food with key W or Z. Shoot poison with key X, place wall with key C, demolish your own wall with key V and split with spacebar.

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About Spred.io


Spred.io is a Strategy IO game online that keeps you addicted for sure! You jump into this arena with just only one lofty mission, which is vanquishing 90% of the map to gain the dominance! Try to move around the playfield to convert a lot of tiles, destroy more cells to take over their territory and bring a better defense to your realm by constructing a fortress. You will gain your mass from the territory, so make sure you always leave it well protected. Also, you should launch your attacks to the enemies! Whenever you kill one, you will have his realm excluding for his walls. To demolish his wall or make him weaker, just shoot poison carefully. If you want to give assistance to someone or improve your wall, you need to fire food! Always stay watchful for the surroundings as well as attempt to survive longer so you can take a lead. Have fun!

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