How To Play: Use keys WASD or arrow keys to direct your character.

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Crowd City

About Splix.io


Splix.io is a Multiplayer game that allows you to take over a bunch of blocks to create your own kingdom. You will play with various players from across the world, and try to defeat all of them. Go take control of your character, move around the map to capture more blocks, return to your base, then connect the blocks to the base carefully to expand your kingdom. The more blocks you seize, the more mass you will earn! Stay watchful for other opponents because they are doing the same. If they run into your tail, you will die instantly. Conversely, if you collide with their body, you can kill them fast and go take their blocks to develop your realm more quickly. Once you have a bunch of mass, your rank will be increased on the leaderboard, and soon you will have the most powerful kingdom of all. Enjoy the game now!

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