How To Play: Use spacebar and mouse to thrust around the galaxy. Shoot at enemies with key W and use a power up with key Q.

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About Spheroids


Spheroids is another Multiplayer that permits you to fly around the galaxy to battle against the enemies. You play as a sphere trying to get rid of other opponent spheres directed by real online players. Without the gravity, you may find it hard a bit to move around. And the only way you can go is to thrust in the direction that you are aiming to. Try to aim carefully and thrust your spaceship cleverly! The galaxy is filled with moons, so you will come across them while moving around. Just feel free to destroy all of them from afar, then go take the orange essence that surely helps charge your power. Always protect yourself from any dangers around, especially the black holes and other opponents. You can use your power-ups to get more strength and become unbeatable. The game goal is to climb the top of the leaderboard. You ready? Play the game now!

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