How To Play: Move your boat around with arrow keys or keys WASD. Click left mouse button for shooting.

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About Speedboats.io


Speedboats.io is a fantastic 3D Ocean game where you battle against tons of skilled players from around the world. After jumping into the game arena, you will begin controlling your boat instantly and move it around the map to get rid of your opponents by using the laser or throw grenade launcher to blow them up or even make them crash. The more kills you have, the more points you will earn! However, you have to stay watchful for the surroundings and always protect your boat from any dangers around. If you make a crash or you get blown up, it will be a game over for you. To boost your strength, you need to pick up the power-ups then use them to your advantage. Besides laser and grenade launcher, you can even use machine gun, shrapnel gun, as well as a shotgun to deal with the enemies. Remember that you can only use every single power-up in just 30 seconds or until you die. Try to kill your foes faster and become the king of the arena!

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