How To Play: Use the mouse to control your fleet, shoot at enemies with the left mouse button or spacebar. Tap key S to split and run

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Crowd City


Jump into the world of and start to battle against numerous players from around the world! This is a new Multiplayer Shooter game in the iO game series, and surely it will never let you down. The game lets you play as a commander of a fleet of neon triangles whose mission is to take out all other opponents and get on the highest rank of the leaderboard. To own the dominance, you have to prove that you are the strongest one in the vast arena. Try to fly around in the galaxy to aim and shoot down all enemies with your strong bullets. The more enemies you kill, the larger and stronger your fleet will be. Keep an eye on the surroundings while moving around! The foes will never stop killing you from various directions. So you have to defend your fleet and dodge their bullets to increase the chance of survival. Wish you luck!

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