How To Play: Use the mouse to direct your snake. Click left mouse button to speed it up.

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It must be fun to play game online and have a chance to receive true awards, right? Jump in game right now to experience new challenges. This is a wonderful Slitherio-styled iO game that lets you take on the role of a snake trying to increase your size. Basically, the gameplay mechanics are just like You also have to eat a lot of spawning foods around the map for more mass, and try to kill other opponent snakes by forcing them to run into your body while dodging running into theirs. You shouldn’t worry about your size much since even the smallest snake can kill the biggest one if it knows tactics and have a good play. So try to perform your skills and make sure that you will survive longer. In, if you succeed in picking up 26 golden stars, you will get a lovely amazon gift card. Enjoy the game now!

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