How To Play: Use the mouse to control your snake

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About is a funny and entertaining browser-based snake game online. The game has become extremely well-known due to its addictive and unique gameplay. In the game, you are supposed to take control of a snake and move it around the map to eat colorful pellets. You need to swallow them as much as possible to increase your mass and length. There is one rule you should always remember! In Slitherio, a tiny snake can totally kill a big snake if it has a good chance! Speed boosting can be a key factor to cause a collision. It means that a small snake can speed up and cut off the head of the giant one. When you kill a snake, you can snatch up its dead fragments to increase your mass faster. But you should be aware of other snakes when grabbing your food, if you run into them, you will get exploded, resulting in a game over. Let’s play it now and see how long you can survive!

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