How To Play: Use arrow keys or WASD keys for the movement Aim and shoot at enemies by using the mouse

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Crowd City

About is a new multiplayer game that has the same style as If you are a huge fan of Vertixio, you can check this new one out to earn more gaming experiences. The game begins when you enter an edge of the map, and your quest will start from there. You have to move around the map in the hope of finding better weapons so that you can take down the opponent easily. All players are equipped with a simple assault rifle, and it has infinite ammo, however, it’s not strong enough when your game is advanced. For that reason, searching for new weapons is a must-do thing. The weapons are always discrepant, and they have their own characteristics. Try to make a good use of them and find out which one can be the nice one for you. Kill all enemies before they kill you and become the last man standing! Play game now!

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