How To Play: Take control of your character around the arena by using keys WASD. Click LMB to punch your enemies.

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Crowd City

About is an addictive free for all Strategy game online where you will perform your punching skills to destroy all tough opponents coming around the world. When you first spawn in the arena, you’re just a small player with a very weak skill, and you must gradually gain more experiences as well as more strength through eating lots of spawning orbs that are spreading around the map. The opponents will carry out the similar mission, so if you don’t dodge them while you’re still weak, you may die easily. Hence, you are supposed to keep improving your skills and use your tactics to defend yourself when you’re in danger. Use your fists and stamina wisely, upgrade 9 stats to power up yourself and try your best to survive as long as possible. Besides your rivals, you have to keep an eye on the deadly spinning spiked npcs too. Are you ready for this? Enjoy the game now!

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