How To Play: Use the mouse to direct your triangle. Click left mouse button to launch your attacks.

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Crowd City


Fly into a game arena filled with different enemies and challenges in game now! This is an addictive Multiplayer iO game that is free for all and draws a lot of attention of other players. You direct your own triangle and go around the map to slay all tough enemies. Try to aim accurately, set a good direction then start shooting the foes as fast as possible. You need to perform your nimble and clever skills while fighting against the enemies. Also, preparing your tactics beforehand will give you more advantages. Don’t forget to improve your stats, like movement speed, health, speed damage and much more because once they are upgraded, you will become way too strong or even unbeatable. Take a look at the leaderboard to check out your rank from time to time, and try your hardest to take the first spot on that board. Enjoy the game and see how long you can last!

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