How To Play: Your piranha can be controlled through the mouse. You can use a speed boost by clicking the left mouse button and make a good use of power-ups by pressing spacebar.

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About Piranh.io


Are you ready for a dangerous and fierce adventure in Piranh.io? Let’s engage in this awesome iO game right now to battle against other piranhas controlled by real players. Your main duty is to swallow a lot of other swimmers as well as smaller fish in order to stay alive longer. Different from other Multiplayer games, you no need to worry about gaining more size because the small piranha is able to kill the big one if it knows how to use the power-ups wisely, including electricity, aquarium, and laser cannon. Make a good use of them to defeat your enemies, dodge all the incoming attacks from your rivals, always defend your piranha and prolong your life. Everybody aims to reach the top rank on the leaderboard, and so do you! Try your hardest to kill your opponents and prove that you are the strongest piranha here. Let’s launch the game now! Good luck!

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