How To Play: Use the mouse to direct your character around. Click left mouse button to shoot at your enemies.

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Demonstrate your amazing shooting and surviving skills in Pikan.io now! This is a nice iO 2D Shooter game that provides you with a bunch of entertaining hours once playing. You will take control of a cute triangle that has a tail around the arena to launch your projectiles to get rid of all tough enemies then eat them up to gain a juicy boost. There are plenty of food orbs and blobs scattering around the playfield. If you swallow them, your size will be greatly increased. Always stay watchful for the surroundings since the bullets of enemies can from any directions, and if you have to plans against them, you may die very fast. Just like other Multiplayer games, killing and surviving are two crucial goals that all players have to achieve. The more scores you earn, the higher chance for you to climb your way up the leaderboard. Let’s play it now!

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