How To Play: Control your spaceship around the map with arrow keys or WASD. Click LMB for shooting, key Q for auto shoot, and click RMB or key Shift to drop your bombs.

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About Orpe.ga


Orpe.ga is a unique 2D space shooter game that you can play with a lot of other players online. Engage in this awesome iO-styled game to experience new challenges now. The game puts you in the shoes of a spaceship controller who has to slay a bunch of other enemies. To do so, you must prepare your strategies wisely, stay focused on the battle and never let them get an edge over you. In this arena, surviving is a difficult goal since dangers are everywhere. There is no room for the kind-hearted players here! You have to become hostile and merciless when shooting down other ships. If they shoot you back, just quickly dodge their assaults, protect your ship all the time so you can survive longer. All of you are seeking the glory and the supremacy here. Hence, let’s try to perform your excellent skills to achieve your goal. Wish you luck!

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