How To Play: Use the mouse to direct your narwhale, and click left mouse button to stab the foes in half.

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Jump in and show off your skills to take out all tough enemies now! You play as a narwhale in this Multiplayer iO game and try your best to increase your strength. The game arena consists of 20 enemy narwhales, and people battle against each other for the top spot on the leaderboard. Your narwhale is equipped with a dangerous tusk which can be utilized to stab the foes in half, killing them instantly. To do so, you must move around the map carefully and run towards a certain enemy then split him mercilessly before other enemies take you out. You have to elude their attacks and always keep your narwhale safe. You can boost its strength by improving some stats, such as a powerful tusk, movement speed, or a fast turning. Your narwhale can’t die! Keep prolonging its life until you reach the top and then take the supremacy! Good luck!

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