How To Play: Use arrow keys to move your character, press keys QWE to utilize special skills.

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Crowd City

About is a Splix-styled iO game in which you have to go around the map to capture a lot of blocks for your territory expansion. In the same arena, there will be plenty of other players doing the same task, so it’s much better if you know how to kill them. Try to draw a line with your body, take over the blocks then return to your main base to enlarge your territory. Just like, or, your tail is a weak point here. Try not to crash into the tail by yourself, or if you let any enemy touches it, you will die instantly and have to respawn the game after that. So, it’s always risky when you go far away from your home base. The only way to keep your tail safe is to move around in your base. The enemies don’t see it and they can’t run into it. If you are an aggressive player, you should touch the tails of other opponents without them noticing. They will get destroyed, then, you can take their blocks away. See if you can reach the top of the leaderboard or not!

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