How To Play: Your tadpole can be directed through using the mouse. Click LMB to make a speed boost.

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Crowd City

About is a Slither-styled Multiplayer game online that keeps you addicted and hooked for sure. Are you ready for a new adventure in a shape of a small tadpole? Have all your skills ready for this and see if you can get past all challenges or not. In the game, you move around the arena looking for a lot of food orbs. You have to eat them as much as you can in order to increase your strength and get larger. The arena is full of tadpoles directed by the opponents. So, you have to stay away from the bigger ones but willingly attack the smaller ones. Eating them will help you develop your mass faster. However, there is one problem here. You must avoid crashing into the enemy tadpoles, or else your life will end, and the game will come to an end. But, you can try to make a speed boost to create a deadly trail of lily pads behind. If any enemies run into that trail, they will die instantly. You have to climb the leaderboard so you can take the dominance. Have fun with it!

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