How To Play: Use the mouse for controlling your creature in the game.

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Crowd City


In, you will take on a role of a little creature whose task is to grow up faster and develop your food chain to the top! Engage in this awesome Multiplayer iO game now and show off your skills. Take control of your creature around the map, hunt for berries and try to absorb them as much as you can. The more berries you eat, the larger your creature will become. You have to pay attention to the red border while moving! They are dangerous players and objects that will harm and kill you instantly. But, you can feel free to go through the objects that are marked as green light border, they are friendly and won’t destroy your creature. Don’t forget to consume some blue blobs which will help you stay hydrated. Try your hardest to gain more XP for your evolution! Let’s kick off the game and see how long you can survive!

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