How To Play: Uncover the squares by clicking the left mouse button. Use the right mouse button for placing a flag.

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About Minesweeper.io


Minesweeper.io is a nice Strategy game where you use your strategies to uncover a lot of squares and put your flags on them. Basically, the gameplay sounds similar to the classic Minesweeper game, however this time, you play against numerous opponents from across the world. Carefully hover to every single square, try to reveal the empty ones, the quickly put your flags on. Revealing a bomb will cause your game to come to an end. So all players should dodge getting bombed! To do so, you can use the number on a certain square that you have just uncovered. The number will tell you how many bombs around in 3×3 squares, which helps you stay away from the dangerous squares. This is not easy at all, and it takes too much deduction. So, you have to work out your brain, use your nice strategies, think harder and beat all enemies. Wish you luck!

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