How To Play: Direct your jellyfish by using the mouse. Speed it up by clicking the left mouse button.

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Crowd City

About is an interesting Multiplayer iO game taking you to a beautiful world under the sea. There are so many challenges and new friends awaiting you ahead. You take on a role of a little jellyfish trying to get larger and stronger. To increase your size, you must go around and swallow a lot of bubbles as much as possible. Like game, the players here have to eat, grow up and survive all the time. This is the main goal that everybody wants to achieve. While hunting for your food, you should stay watchful for other bigger jellyfish that move around you. If you get eaten, your game will be over. Also, the tails of Medusas and the edges of the map are extremely dangerous and harmful to you. Make sure you dodge them as well and always defend yourself. Play the game now and see if you can get the top or not!

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