How To Play: Use the mouse to control and match three things of the same type in the game.

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Crowd City


Entertain yourself and experience awesome challenges in! This is an addictive Multiplayer browser-based game where you play with numerous players and try to defeat them all. Just like other classic match games, you will be taken to a vast arena full of animals and shapes. Your main task is to match three things of the same type, then remove them from the screen as fast as possible! Each round has its own task, and you need to complete it well! Some usual tasks you will fulfill are dropping the items down the bottom, obtaining the target score before time is up, etc. The task will be displayed on the screen before you spawn into the game arena. So, make sure you take a look at it carefully. Just like other iO games, this one also has a leaderboard which shows the excellent players with high scores. You must reach the top place of this scoreboard and become the ultimate winner. Have fun!

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